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Office of Emergency Management Resources for Faculty/Staff

For Faculty/Staff

During times of emergency, students will look to faculty and staff for guidance.


Here are some resources specific for faculty and staff so that everyone is prepared in the event an emergency happens. 

Faculty and Staff Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Preparedness Checklist for Departments

  1. Sign up for WSUAlert to receive emergency notifications. For more information on how to sign up, please go to
  2. Be personally prepared for an emergency at home or on campus. Build an emergency go-kit.
  3. Consider classroom and workplace evacuation. Familiarize yourself with evacuation routes throughout buildings around campus.
  4. Become involved in your department’s emergency planning.
  5. Periodically review emergency procedures with your students and co-workers.

Remember, emergency preparedness begins with each one of us:  

Be ALERT to developing incidents,

ASSESS each situation, and

take ACTION to ensure your own safety!