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Office of Emergency Management Nuclear Event

Nuclear Event

In the event of a nuclear threat, 


Get Inside. Stay Inside. Stay Informed.

  • Listen for official information and follow the instructions given by emergency responders and WSU Alert messages.
  • If a warning is issued, take cover and shelter in place until instructed to do otherwise. Go to the basement or the middle of the building.
  • Close all doors and windows to reduce the risk of contamination entering the building.
  • If possible, turn of fans, ventilation equipment or other appliances which draw air from the outside.
  • If you are outside or in a car when a warning is issued, quickly go inside the nearest building and take cover. Remove your outer layer of clothing before entering the building if you can. Once inside, wash the parts of your body that were uncovered while you were outside.
  • If evacuation is in your best interest, you will be instructed to do so by officials.
  • Stay notified with up to date information. The WSU Alert website, WSU Alerts, and local news media will be communicating the latest information.