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Washington State University Statewide Emergency Preparedness

Statewide Emergency Preparedness

Site Locations


WSU is everywhere in the State of Washington! Each part of the state where WSU can be found has its own hazards and challenges to preparing for emergency situations. If you need additional assistance in planning and preparing for the types of emergencies that can occur in your area, contact the Emergency Management Office of the County or City where you are located, or you can contact the WSU Office of Emergency Management for additional assistance.

To see more information on Emergency Preparedness on each of WSU’s campuses, see below:

Spokane Campus

Vancouver Campus

Tri-Cities Campus

Everett Campus

Evacuation Routes

Evacuating your Facility

Be sure you know at least two alternate routes for getting out of your building or facility. Be sure to include evacuation routes in your unit Emergency Response Plan. All unit personnel should train and practice evacuations on at least an annual basis.

Evacuating from Campus

During certain types of emergencies, you may be directed to evacuate your campus or station. Police and Security personnel will provide guidance and direction to you during campus evacuations.

Evacuating your City, Town or Rural Area

In major emergencies you may be directed to evacuate your city, town or rural area. Prepare in advance by making a plan of where you will go, how you can be contacted, and list of the critical items that you need to take with you. Prepare a Go-kit with basic emergency supplies. Be sure to take your pets and supplies for their care with you. Make plans in advance of need for how you will arrange care for livestock or other not easily moved animals during emergencies. Check with your local and state Emergency Management Offices for more information about evacuation from your area. This link will take you to the FEMA info on evacuation: