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Washington State University Communication During an Emergency

Communication during an Emergency

WSU has developed many resources and tools for emergency communications. 


The primary tools are the:

  1. Campus Outdoor Warning System (COWS)

  2. WSU Alert Notification System

  3. WSU ALERT website:

The notification system is an opt-in system.  Students, faculty, and staff are strongly encouraged to sign up to receive emergency messages through this system.  Follow these instructions to register for the WSU Alert Notification System.

WSU Pullman will test the above mentioned emergency notification tools each semester. Tests may be announced or unannounced and will be documented by the WSU Office of Emergency Management.



Communication During an Emergency

COWS (Campus Outdoor Warning System)



WSU Alert Notification System



WSU Alert Website


WSU Insider


WSU Emergency Information Hotline



consists of five sirens and public address speakers mounted throughout campus. You will hear these in the event there is an immediate threat to the safety of those outside.


consists of a vendor-provided service that contacts the university community directly via cell phones (both voice and text), landlines (voice), email and pagers with emergency warnings and notifications.


serves as the primary source of emergency and other critical information for the campus. You may access it here.

serves as a tool for basic awareness, safety and scheduling information. You can also go here to find out more information after an emergency.


serves as a way to receive updated information in times of emergencies or severe weather. The phone number to access this information is 509-335-2345.

is available to both IOS and Android users. There is a WSUAlert feature that displays the University’s current emergency status, as well as further preparedness information and tips.