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Washington State University WSU Ready

Continuity Planning: WSU Ready

WSU Ready is an online continuity planning system adopted to support emergency response, continuity, and emergency response planning at Washington State University.


To support required planning activity at WSU, we are proud to announce the WSU Ready emergency planning system. This is a system wide program that enables all WSU campuses, colleges, departments, units, research and extension centers, and other WSU facilities to better prepare to meet the challenges of responding to emergencies and resuming operations after a major event. Such events can be:

  • All encompassing (major pandemic illness)
  • Localized (Fire in a building, basement flooding, etc.)
  • Personal (Failure of a hard drive)

This system will guide you, step by step, to create a combined emergency response and action plan, and a continuity plan. Your plan will identify:

  • Critical Functions performed by your department, and the factors needed for their continuance.
  • Information, Strategies, and Procedures that will help during and after the event.
  • Action Items that can be done, starting now, to lessen the impact of these events and make us better ready to deal effectively with emergencies and disasters.

This system is designed for department and unit level planning. Department is loosely defined as any sub-unit of the campus, or large university unit. It might be an entire school, college or division, or a small specialized unit. The system is appropriate for all types of departments: instructional, research, as well as administrative and other support units.

Whatever the event, our goal is to become “event ready” so that we can continue our teaching, research, outreach, and service missions with minimal interruption. The WSU Ready emergency system is an on-line program that allows all departments to easily produce an emergency plan that identifies both strategies for coping with events when they occur and preparations that can be done in advance. To assure quick and effective recovery from disasters.


  • Focused at the department level – WSU Ready produces plans at a departmental level and can be used by any type of department: instructional, research, support, administrative, libraries, museums and even clinical. The completion of the process will produce a combined department emergency response and continuity plan.
  • Self-Guided – WSU Ready system internally contains all of the information and guidance needed for its use, without lengthy training sessions and large user manuals. Many departments will be able to use the system without training,but a one-hour training session is available by contacting The Office of Emergency Management.
  • Lean Content, Clear Purpose – WSU Ready collects only essential data. It avoids overly-detailed recovery strategies making the planning process quick and focused on providing information when needed in an emergency.
  • All Hazards Approach – WSU Ready utilizes an “all-hazards” approach encompassing natural, technological, and human caused events.

This system is easy to use and requires no advance training. If you need further assistance contact The Office of Emergency Management, who will be able to provide guidance and context.

For access to WSU Ready, please click here

Download the WSU Ready How-To Guide