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Suspended Operations Office of Emergency Management

Suspended Operations

Emergencies can require employees, students, and visitors to evacuate, or prevent access to, WSU campuses, research and extension stations, county extension offices, or other WSU locations across the state. These emergencies can include inclement weather, flooding, volcanic eruptions, an active shooter, bomb threat, a hazardous materials spill, or a public health event such as a SARS pandemic.

Each WSU location implements a suspended operations plan when a part or majority of a WSU Campus or location is not safe to occupy or access.

Suspended operations can be a transition between emergency response and continuity of operations. When exclusion or evacuation is a part of the emergency response, suspending operations provides a transition to normal operations, or if the recovery is long- term, a transition to a continuity of operations status.

Suspended operations plans help by providing time for the restoration of normal operations. Plans at each University location provide guidance for the continuation of operations, and procedures to communicate the suspension of operations to those who are taking classes, teaching classes, conducting meetings, conducting research, and/or providing other services from other locations.

The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for developing suspended operations policies for the WSU System, which are approved by the President’s Cabinet. Suspended operations plans are developed at the Campus, College, and Unit level. Each Research and Extension Center Director is responsible for developing plans for their respective Station and County Extension Office.

Suspended operations policies and procedures can be found in the WSU Business Policies and Procedures Manual.

1. WSU System Suspended Operations – BPPM 50.40

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6. WSU Extension (RECs, REUs, County Offices) Inclement Weather Procedures – BPPM 50.45

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8. Staffing During Suspended Operations or Emergency Closures- HRS- BPPM 60.40

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