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Washington State University Safety & Security in University Housing

Safety in University Housing

What is WSU doing to make sure University Housing is Safe?


The staff of the Departments of Residence Life and Housing Services work closely with University safety officials and others to implement safe and secure practices for University living groups. All students in University Housing ultimately must share in this responsibility. For more information about residence halls and university apartments check here.

Students should familiarize themselves with campus resources regarding safety and avoid behaviors that put them at risk. Residence Hall staff can answer questions and assist with problems.

Residence Hall staff are on duty each evening to help increase hall security. Staff members perform nightly rounds in their buildings and have an on-call system during the evenings and on weekends. Outside doors to the halls are locked and only residents of the buildings and housing staff have cards that allow entry. Living areas of all residence halls are locked 24 hours per day, with the exception of McEachern.

University apartments for single students and families are supervised by the Apartment Coordinator in each complex, as well as by the residents. WSU Police patrol through apartment areas. During vacations, apartment residents may request walk-throughs by WSU police.

All residence halls have fire sprinkler systems.

All safety-related problems or questions should be directed to the residence hall and apartment staff.

The maintenance of a safe and secure residence hall environment is everyone’s responsibility. To this end, the admittance of unauthorized persons to residence halls is prohibited. Residents should always lock their room doors to ensure personal safety and security of their property. To enhance the safety and security of all hall residents, residents’ property as well as university property, WSU Police provide public programs on crime prevention that includes segments on personal safety and safe guarding property. WSU Police will respond to emergencies within the residence hall and other calls for service. Officers are fully commissioned and have the same authority as other law enforcement officers. For emergency situations requiring police, medical or firefight response, call 9-1-1. For non-emergency assistance, call the WSU Police Department at 335-8548.

Weapons/Explosives in Residence Halls     

Weapons or ammunition of any kind including air guns, knives, lasers, shotguns, rifles, pistols, pellet guns, stun guns, paintball guns, slingshots, crossbows, bow and arrows, or martial arts tools may not be stored or used in the residence halls. Any weapons or ammunition must be stored with the WSU Police Department.
Any explosives including primers, powder, dynamite caps, firecrackers, and pyrotechnics, as well as ammunition and dangerous chemicals, are prohibited. Toy guns and unauthorized “assassin” games, the purpose of which is to simulate killing others, are prohibited.

Weapons/Explosives in WSU-owned Apartments

For reasons of safety and noise control, no explosives including primers, powder, dynamite caps, firecrackers and pyrotechnics are allowed. The possession of small arms ammunition, when properly stored in apartments without firearms present is not considered a violation of this policy. Weapons of any kind including pistols, rifles, air guns, knives, slingshots, crossbows or martial arts tools may not be stored or used in apartments. Toy guns and activities such as “Assassin” are prohibited. Authorized storage facilities for firearms are located in the Public Safety Building.