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About Us

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Mission Statement:

To develop and administer a comprehensive emergency managment program to encompass the main WSU campus, as well as regional campuses, research stations and sites throughout the state. This program will work in partnership with academic colleges and departments, operating divisions and units, and the staff, faculty and students of WSU in conjunction with federal, state and local jurisdictions to protect lives and safety of students, faculty staff, visitors & animals; safeguard critical infrastructure, facilities, environment, essential records & research; and resume operations as soon as practicable.

Values and Goals:

To take a look further into the Washington State University Office of Emergency Management's Values and Goals... please see our Strategic Plan (Microsoft Word document, 55KB).


Emergency management functions in many forms have taken place at WSU for many years. Efforts by the Public Safety Office, Environmental Health and Safety, Business and Finance and other departments and units established the groundwork for current emergency management functions. In 2004 it was determined an office and personnel specifically dedicated to the tasks associated with effective emergency management for an institution of the scale and scope of WSU was needed. The Emergency Management unit was established under the Division of Business and Finance to address the increasing needs of WSU to meet accepted standards for emergency planning, response, recovery, and mitigation throughout the University's statewide presence.

Emergency Management, PO Box 641045, Pullman, WA 99164-1045, 509-335-7471, Contact Us