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WSU Hazard Mitigation Sub-committee

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The WSU Hazard Mitigation Sub-committee of the University Emergency Management Committee


  The plan has specified the WSU Emergency Management Committee is the responsible body at WSU for implementation of the action items in the plan as well as the maintenance and updating of the plan on a regular basis.   The Chair of the WSU Emergency Management Committee has created a Sub-committee tasked with preparing plans and procedures for implementation of the plan. The Hazard Mitigation Sub-committee will develop  the planning to implement the now approved WSU Pre-Disaster, All-Hazards Mitigation Plan and present these plans to the WSU Emergency Management Committee for approval and action.  




Name (First, Last)

Mike Gaffney Co-Chair, Division Of Governmental Studies and Services
Chris Tapfer Co-Chair, Office of Emergency Management
John Reed Environmental Health and Safety
Steve Hansen WSU Police
Mike Malcolm College of Veterinary Medicine
Don Holbrook College of Agriculture, Human and Natural Resource Sciences
Jon Schad WSU Spokane, Facilities Operations
Fred Miller WSU Tri-Cities, Environmental Health and Safety
Dave Stephenson WSU Vancouver, Police
Emergency Management, PO Box 641045, Pullman, WA 99164-1045, 509-335-7471, Contact Us