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Campus Addressing

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Campus Addressing Project


Beginning in September, 2007 WSU engaged in a project to create street addresses for all WSU buildings on the Pullman Campus and in Whitman County.  The main reason for assigning street addresses is to update the WHITCOM 911 ( the regional emergency services dispatching office) data base and GIS map to give emergency responders more intuitive directions for locating 911 events within the WSU Pullman campus boundary.  When a member of the public needs to call in to 911 and report a 911 event, the caller should give all of the information they know or are capable of knowing about their current location and the location of the 911 event.  As a result of this project, the 911 call center now has the capability to take various types of information from a caller such as the building name, building number, street address, nearest main intersection, etc. and cross reference it to the 911 GIS mapping system.  The information provided by the caller and the cross reference information is all listed on one report that is sent to the responder’s dispatch location.  The street address signs posted on buildings give the 911 responders final confirmation that they have arrived at the correct location    The project was completed in the fall of 2008.

The project necessitated changing existing addresses in some of the university owned student housing.  The inconveniences of this change to the continuing residents of these housing areas is recognized.  The Street Address Committe feels the improvements to emergency response capabilites will outweigh the temporary inconvenience of the need to change addresses. 

 WSU Mailing Services and the US Post Office will continue to deliver WSU mail to university administrative, research, classroom and library facilities in the same manner as they have using the existing WSU mailstop codes.  In other words, your P.O. Box 64XXXX remains unchanged and you should not change your mailing address on any printed or published materials.  Mailing Services will not use the street addresses for mail services at this time. 

As a building occupant you need to remember that the number posted on the building is only the block number and not the complete street address.  The complete street address includes the building address, the compass quadrant and the street name.  An example of this is the French Administration/Lighty complex which has the new address of "1815 NE Wilson Road"  with 1815 being the building address, NE the compass quadrant and Wilson Road as the street name.   

Emergency Management, PO Box 641045, Pullman, WA 99164-1045, 509-335-7471, Contact Us